At FiiZK we have some of the best expertise in information, automation and data capture. Our goal is to create reduced locking of data against equipment and suppliers such as sensory, ERP system, biological data, feeding, public registers etc.

Our application can receive, convert, filter and transform sensor data in the right context e.g. sensor location or sensor type, before they are forwarded to the desired location. The advantage of this is that the data is made available so it can be used by several parts of the organization or by third-party actors.

In short, FiiZK Integrations builds a system that interprets signals and data (e.g. sensory) in various formats and can transform these into open standards such as OPC UA. This service has been created for various purposes and we offer a self-service solution (e.g. Microsoft Analysis Services) where calculations and tracking are built across the existing system.

In this way, we seek to create a system separation and an abstraction of underlying systems to achieve reduced locking against suppliers and equipment such as sensor and feeding systems.

Through HUB, we can achieve joint reporting across existing software and hardware so that you can be independent and roll in or out new systems gradually.