Open, fully integrated and modern feeding software that offers pellet detection with alarm function, activity monitoring, integrates with existing hardware, multi-location management – all in one application.

FiiZK’s Feeding Solution is developed for modern day farming. One of the key aspects of this feeding solution is that it is hardware independent an does not “overlap” with existing software. This means that FiiZK Feeding Solution is not dependent on other software to control hardware such as blowers, feed-selectors, camera etc.

The customer has the flexibility to choose any hardware system it requires or continue using existing hardware for optimal farming operations. It can also provide digitisation of feed barges that currently don’t have that capability resulting in modernisation and an increased life-span.

User experience
The user experience is important to us, therefore our solution is customer-oriented rather than system-oriented. We aim to minimize the number of ‘clicks’ and focus shifts as much as possible to make each feeding day less hectic.

We offer seamless integration that enables the user to observe sensor data, adjust feed control options and use an AI solution for pellet detection with adjustable alarms and activity monitoring all in one viewing panel.

Camera module
The Feeding Solution can also be delivered as a separate camera control module. If you don’t want to move away from the feeding control you have today but want to integrate all cameras into a common user-friendly interface, that includes pellet detection and activity monitoring, this is possible through the FiiZK Camera Interface.

Feeding center
The Feeding Solution is also perfect for a centralised feeding centre and fleet-to-fleet management without the use of TeamViewer. With our solution, you don’t need a separate PC/ monitor in each farm, we give you the option of remote control from all locations. Why not take the laptop home and control the feeding without any problem?

Feeding Solution can be used for:

  • Upgrade of old feed-barges
  • Control multiple barges from one platform (barge-barge)
  • Centralise feeding centres
  • Camera Interface

FiiZK integrates and takes direct control over:

  • Feeding systems like:
    • Akva Control
    • Ocea Feedstation
    • Fluctus
    • ScaleAQ Feedstation
  • Cameras like:
    • Akva Connect & Orbit series
    • Fesksjå
    • Imenco
    • ScaleAQ
  • Sensors & environmental data
  • Other systems and data sources

Christian Hammernes

Project manager – Integrator

(+47) 916 07 490