Horizon Budget is a financial forecasting/ budgeting tool that is tightly integrated with Horizon Planner.

Horizon Budget receives production parameters from Horizon Planner that allows Horizon Budget to offer activity-based forecasts/ budgets.

Highlights of Horizon Budget:

  • Easy costing
  • Covers all of the supply chain from egg to VAP
  • Very flexible and adaptable application
  • Role based
  • Activity based
  • Actual status and forecasts in the same picture
  • Seamlessly integrated with Horizon Planner
  • Easy comparison of different scenarios:
    • Status
    • Budget
    • Forecasts
    • Investment opportunities

The advantage of the close integration with Horizon Planner is that you also see accrued costs/ biological performance while the user updates future figures.

In the event of changes in the budget this will be immediately reflected in an updated calculation of cos per Kg or cost per item for the generation accounts.

The budget can show income statement, balance and cash flow, as well as biological parameters, CPIs and other activities.

In FiiZK Horizon Report Studio historical and forecasted performance reports can be further tailored to show these in a biological and economical context.