FiiZK Horizon Optimizer is an optimisation tool that calculates the most profitable production plan within biological, technological, ecological and economic constraints.

From experience, we have seen that our optimisation model has shown a potential to increase production within the current regulations by 5 – 20% for many fish farming companies.

Horizon Optimizer includes unique algorithms and integration with Horizon Planner and Horizon Budget that allows the model to offer:

  • Long-term 5 year plans
  • Bottleneck identification
  • Optimised plans for smolt production
  • Optimal release of 0+ and 1+ smolts (time, smolts size, number) to the respective marine sites
  • Optimally coordinated harvesting plans (time, fish size, biomass) between cages and different locations
  • Two-way integration with Planner
  • Production schedules based on maximum profit or maximum production
  • User-friendly functionality
  • Up to 6 generations with strategic optimisation
  • Tactical optimisation