FiiZK Horizon Planner is a biological planning tool. The planner covers all in all the full production cycle from roe to harvest and for both sea and land based farming.

Horizon Planner is closely integrated with Horizon Budget and has a wide range of functionalities – to meet the user needs when it comes to biological planning. Holds support for the most of models in growth, mortality, quality and harvest. As well as the unique opportunity to use self-developed models from FiiZK Analytics.

Highlights of Horizon Planner:

  • Short- and long- term planning
  • Includes all supply chain processes from egg to harvest
  • Covers a wide range of planning needs
  • User friendly
  • High-precision models made by FiiZK Analytics
  • Covers all types of categories
    • Growth
    • Mortality
    • Quality
    • Harvest

FiiZK Horizon Planner uses the verified and reported biological statuses as a basis – for biological forecasts. Consequently, there will be a correlation between historical and projected forecasts as fish numbers and biomass are updated. 

When harvest plans, growth profiles and new outlooks are changed in the biological forecast this will be reflected in FiiZK Horizon Budget which will change the direct cost (revenue) as a function of volume and cost (income) per unit. 

Each monthly forecast is stored as a separate version which allows such as increased forecast accuracy. 

Monthly status may also be used as a foundation for scheduling any high-medium-low scenarios and then lead the user to be able to highlight the effect of potential production outcomes. 

FiiZK Horizon Planner can also be used for short-term harvest planning and estimation for fry/ smolt sales and has functionality to transfer fish between cages and locations. 

Horizon Planner Land 

One of the highlights of Horizon Planner Land, is that you can plan your production at the tank level – and batch level in one place.

Having a flexible program allows you to choose the level of detail you want to focus on. The onset of feeding, for example, will be a useful planning parameter at batch further than tank level. When densities start to increase, it is paramount to understand at a tank level especially to aid in detailed sorting plans.

There are many more parameters this planning module considers in the process such as density, feed consumption as well as the use of ozone and oxygen, to name a few.

The flexibility and user friendly interface of Horizon Planner Land makes this possible.

One of the advantages of using Horizon Planner is that you can compare your plans and measure them against real-time results to better see how well you hit.

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