FiiZK Horizon Report Studio contains standard and customised reports. Deviations, graphs, pivot- and table- reports are easily accessible to users.

Through close integration with all our Horizon products
– Report Studio can offer:


that will show real costs through the reporting period and for the remaining months.
Deviations may be displayed in amounts or percentages. 


can be compared or displayed over any period throughout the generation. 


can be displayed in pre-installed formats or in your own customised pivot table.

Filter options

allow the user to choose from a selection of departments and/ or projects for a focussed overview of the organisation. For example, the user can view the production cost per kg report using defined cost categories that enable for a more detailed account analysis. FiiZK Horizon Report Studio is very flexible and in addition to the pre-installed reports the user can define and store specific variations for all your reporting needs. 

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