With FiiZK Omnia you can say goodbye to cut and paste from various software programmes to create good reports. The four cornerstones our reporting tool is built on make this possible, all this is delivered seamlessly under FiiZK Omnia, meaning ‘All’

  • Automatic data capture
  • Unlimited number of sources
  • Worry-free integration
  • Independent integrations
  • Intelligent data unification
  • Secure storage and sharing
  • Striking visualization
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Specialized for aquaculture
  • Your data, your choices

FiiZK Integrations – Worry-free integration

We surround ourselves with more and more sensors and IT-systems and the need to report collectively and across these systems is becoming more important. The foundation of a comprehensive reporting solution is integration. FiiZK offers development, maintenance,
and operation of integrations between your various systems.

FiiZK Unify – Intelligent data unification

One of the most important functions in a reporting solution with several sources is smart unification and connecting the data to the fish. FiiZK Digital is one of the few companies in the world that has this expertise. FiiZK Unify takes care of the storage and processing of data,
and all you need to decide is how you want to use your data. Say goodbye to cutting and pasting in spreadsheets, and welcome to professional, simple, and modern computing.

FiiZK Access – Your data, your choice

You own your data to be used as you please. Through FiiZK’s solutions,
you decide who will have access and what they will have access to. You or your partners can read data through our API free of charge. We also offer access in several other ways,
such as SSAS, database mirroring, or other customized solutions.

FiiZK Reports – Striking visualization & interactive dashboards

The real value in data lies in interpretation, visualization and sharing.
FiiZK offers independent reports, either through our comprehensive report packages,
or customized for your requirements. Share updated key figures and reports with your employees through your browser or mobile.

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