Freshwater when you need it

As of 2018 FiiZK acquired Rantex to offer our customers the markets strongest and best freshwater depot. With several patented solutions this is the depot of choice.

The depot will be produced in the desired size after assessing the needs and specifications at each site. The design of our freshwater depot is calculated and quality assured by recognised professionals. 

FiiZK has delivered fresh water depots to: NRS Feøy, Mowi Scotland & Norway, Lerøy Norway and Hiddenfjord in the Faroe Islands. 

High quality ultrasonic welds 

Patented mounting clamp with strain relief 

Patented buoyancy tubes to ease installation 

Equipped with fully functional overflow tubes 

Stainless steel bottom plate for easier installation and operations

Mounted on an existing cage. Ø = 90-160 m 

Can also be fitted on square cages 

Volume = 3,000 – 11,000 m³ 

100% watertight welded PVC material 

Overflow system to prevent overfilling

Why use a freshwater depot? 

Sea lice are sensitive to sea water and typically do not survive in very low salinity water. Using freshwater treatments encourages the sea lice to detach from its salmonid host resulting in the parasite being removed from the system. The freshwater depot eradicates the need for well boat access and provides a continual supply of freshwater on site. 

When it comes to the use of fresh water to treat fish for AGD results have shown that FW was more effective than hydrogen peroxide in addition to being less harmful for the fish gills.  

With a freshwater depot you can save time and money. For example, a wellboat will use 1.5 hours to fill 1800 m³ from a freshwater source before transiting to site to treat the fish. In the freshwater depot, there is enough water in one Ø = 120m depot to fill three wellboats with 1800 m³ which is already on site and ready to use.