We tailor and manufacture our own keder tarpaulins for all existing systems and profiles. 

Roof over roof is a product that ensures continuous progress in the building process and it will ensure the values wihtin the building. 

For FiiZK, choosing the right tarp, strength calculation and high reliability is important. 

If your company is unsure of which solution is optimal, contact us and we will help you figure out what will be best for you. 


Keder tarpaulins: 

Standard keder tarp is a 600 g/m2 PVC tarp. 

PE 320 kedertarp. This is a polyethylene tarp of 320 g/m2 and a rope that replace the standard keder bolt. This tarp is 100% recyclable. 

All of our keder tarps are fire resistant according to NS 13501-1 


Widths and lengths according to customer requirements and specifications. 


One of the largest scaffolding jobs in Europe in recent years has been the “OrmenLange” gas terminal. We delivered approximately 300,000 m2 of scaffolding tarps for this project. Solid workforce, modern machinery and skilled suppliers make such assignments possible. 


Why roof-over-roof from FiiZK? 

  • Tailoring tarps and attachments 
  • Certified materials, PVC or PE 
  • Recyclable materials 
  • Short delivery time 
  • Installation instructions 
  • Can be delivered with print / logo 
  • Competitive price 


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