Lightning control tent  

Roof-har and tarpaulins tent for lightning control tent for all types of cages. 

Our tent is made off 100% light proof material and can be delivered with tripod, door and portal. Lightning control of smolt increases the profit at the facilities significantly and by using our roof-hats with custom-made tarps it will contribute to this. We supply roof-hats with complete fittings from 3m up to 20m in diameter. The roof-hats are structural designed and designed according to NS9416 and NS1991. At FiiZK we have an engineering team, who works with various complex aquaculture deliveries, including closed cages. We strive to be the best in technical tarpaulins in the industry and we are constantly working on developing our products. 

FiiZK designs delivery with mounting, follow-ups and necessary service througout the of the products lifespan. 

At our factory at Lundamo, we have a goods receipt for discarded equipments, so we contribute to a better circular economy. We primarily recycle the products in Norway, and then send raw materials for recycling. 

High recycling rates are important for FiiZK. 

  • Doors and portals 
  • Walkways 
  • Mounts for light and sensory 
  • Oxygenation, nano bubbles 
  • Bird tarps 
  • Partitions for lighting control in hall 
  • Halltarp 
  • Goods Receipt for discarded equipments 

Please contact us to get a good start on your project! 


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