For 40 years, the well-proven Rantex solutions have provided coverage and secure facilities throughout Norway; fuse adapted to an arctic climate.

Over the past year, we have been working to ensure that our roof structures meet the requirements of NS: 9416.

We offer:

  • Design according to NS: 9416 and new requirements for land-based aquaculture facilities
  • Light control tent
  • Complete steel and truss
  • Walkways and entrance hall
  • Ventilation and insulation
  • Tailor-made systems
  • Own assembly team

Roof – light control tent

We offer flexible solutions in PVC membrane. Rantex-designed roof structures for maintenance have been provided since the start of land-based farming. Successful installations along the entire coast show the long experience we have.

Adaptation of material choices I take to achieve the perfect tensile strength and strength with combinations of different technical fabrics, such as PVC, polyester woven fabric, straps / bands, tension pockets for wire etc.

Duke constructions and manufacturers according to NS: 1991 and NS: 9416, and assembled with our steel or aluminum trusses.


Steel / truss

  • High quality European – manufactured steel. Hot-dip galvanized S355
  • The trusses are laser cut, welded and galvanized / dipped for a smooth surface
  • The roof truss consists of 2 elements, which are bolted together in the center / top and against the vessel wall in bolt groups

Walkways, entrances, platforms and stairs in hot galvanized steel

  • Free span and wall mounted
  • Cold rolled C-profile in perfect length
  • Width of walkway = 800 – 1400 mm
  • Grid walkway with mesh width CC 34 × 37 or 34 × 75
  • Industrial railings: height 900-110 mm
  • Triangular suspension at the bottom of the walkway
  • Surface treatment. Hot-dip galvanized according to Fe / Zn class NS-EN ISO 1461

Ventilation and insulation

  • We adapt the ventilation to avoid corrosion and bad air in the system. This helps to improve the working environment for the technician that works daily in the plant.
  • If condensation or temperature control is a challenge that needs to be addressed, we also have isolated tarpaulins as an option.

We tailor systems for new vessels and already existing  constructions

It is important that the covering of tarpaulin, timber frame, walkways and portals are adapted to each other. That`s the way to achieve high quality constructions that is reliable, low life cycle costs and the opportunity to control the vessel environment in relative to the light-, temperature- and humidity control.


Installation Team

Our assembly team has extensive experience and all the certificates required to be able to do the installations safely and in accordance with the current regulations. With professionals in the team, you are confident that the construction can carry the new loads and all the challenges it is being put on.

Benefits of FiiZK on land:

  • Low weight reduces the requirements for tolerances / storage forces for vessels
  • Long lifetime; 30 years, + – 10 years
  • High tear and abrasion resistance
  • Smooth surface, minimizes fouling
  • Insulated tarpaulin, U-value and insulation capability as required. (0.3-0.8)
  • Condensation free
  • Bright and optimized for light control
  • Color selection exterior / interior, can be adapted to surroundings and prevent internal reflection
  • Designed so that requirements set in NS 1990 and NS 9416 are met
  • Trusses in seawater resistant galvanized steel, dimensioned according to NS: 1990-1991 (local loads)
  • Low LCC, life cycle costs
  • Recyclable materials included in FiiZK 360; our own recycling concept

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