Lice skirts from FiiZK can be adapted to all production conditions

By mapping our customer needs when it comes to design and durability of lice skirts, we consider key factors such as location, environment and fish welfare to optimise the best product for maximum efficiency. Our lice skirts can be tailored to the individual site, which means that we can deliver a product that makes the job for the farmers as simple as possible, while the salmon have optimal growing conditions all year round. We ensure this by offering both flow-through skirts and lice skirts with ripstop cloth. Lice skirts can be delivered enclosed or overlapping – just ask!

80% reduction in lice infestations

Less delousing interventions 

Less use of chemicals

Less handling of the fish

Reduced need for cleaner fish

Improved cost / benefit

Better economy

Increased production capacity

Proven solutions

High durability

Streamline design

Efficient flow dynamics

Resilient in tough conditions

Built with recycling in mind

100% recycling of all materials

Competitive transport costs

Lice skirt illustration

Lice skirt HD

Lice skirt Heavy Duty (HD) is a denser lice skirt using our Perma Skirt material (see technical report info below) that has been developed for rough sea conditions. The product is the market leader in Norway and has been tested by our customers for several years in a row with positive feedback on efficiency and durability.

• Extremely strong tarpaulin Withstands harsh weather conditions Minimal maintenance

FiiZK Lice Skirt HD – animation

Flow-through skirt

The Flow-through Skirt allows a continuous exchange of seawater from outside the cage to ensure optimal oxygen levels inside the cage, whilst keeping lice out. At sub-optimal oxygen levels fish growth may be negatively impacted and water chemistry undesirable for maintaining healthy livestock.

• Maintains a stable water temp Continuous water exchange Optimal O2 level Keeps lice out

FiiZK Flow-through skirt – animation

Customer testimonials:

“The skirts are easy to assemble…we experience minimal wear and tear on them and have received feedback from the service station to confirm the skirts are still in a good condition after use”

“FiiZK stands for quality, product follow-up, product development. FiiZK’s skirts do the job

“Top quality of FiiZK’s lice skirt together with wrasse is our ultimate solution”

Technical report:

The Perma Skirt (Lice skirt HD) has been approved by the Norwegian engineering and certification company Aquastructures. It is confirmed that the Perma Skirt satisfies the requirements set in NYTEK Regulation and NS 9415: 2009. Drawings, calculations and designs have been examined and evaluated. All related documents for use within the specified limits of Aquastructures AS are provided in: 

Technical report: Analysis of Perma Skirt. Doc no. TR-30678-1751-1 

Technical report: Methodology for modelling Perma Skirt. Doc no. TR-30678-1751-2 

Technical documentation is sent with all deliveries and is available on request. We also offer access to all documentation associated with our products, where login is required for access.

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Research and development

We have carried out several development projects in collaboration with environmental R&D teams and industry and today possess essential expertise in the development, production and use of lice skirts.

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