Snow-sail tarpaulin
Our snow sails are strong and ensure efficient use of the construction site. Read more
Manure Lagoon
If you need extra storage capacity for animal manure then a manure lagoon from FiiZK is the thing for you. Read more
Animal manure cellar-drop
Controls the manure cellar-drop with a "water lock" that prevents animal manure gas and odour from coming up from the manure cellar. Read more
Sealing of old manure-cellars
To extend the life of an existing manure cellar, it can be sealed with a tarpaulin to prevent leaks Read more
Lice skirt
In the latest version of our lice skirt FiiZK has revolutionized the way lice skirts are made Read more
Disinfectant tarp
Tarps for disinfecting boats, barges and rings Read more
Treatment tarp
All FiiZK delousing tarps are tailored to the individual sites. Through surveying our customers' needs, factors as cage size, desired volume, durability and design we deliver a product that eases the job for fish farmers as much as possible. Read more
FiiZK Horizon Management Tool
FiiZK Horizon Management Tool is a period closing tool that is integrated with Horizon Budget and Horizon Planner. This enables the user to manage all operational processes due to the incorporation of ERP software to provide a comprehensive summary to effectively manage your business. FiiZK Horizon Management Tool integrates the following facets: Used to model […] Read more
FiiZK CTRL is the next generation production control system for fish farming. The first choice if you are looking for a future-oriented solution for production control. Offline functionality, robust devices and user-friendly interfaces designed for field operations are part of the digitization that FiiZK CTRL will deliver to achieve the best possible production control. What do you get with FiiZK […] Read more
Freshwater depot
Enough water when you need it! Read more