FiiZK Horizon Optimizer
The FiiZK Horizon Optimizer provides a quantum leap compared to conventional planning methods. A module to optimize production given constraints such as MTB, size and number of smolt, capacities, food types, temperature, production cost etc. Read more
FiiZK Horizon Report Studio
FiiZK Horizon Report Studio is a tool for presenting historical data, budget and rolling forecasts. For each period report, you will receive an updated forecast of costs and production cost per kg up to the end of the production cycle. Reports can be displayed in a locked structure or in a pivot view where fields and their location in rows and columns can be customized to your preferences. Read more
Scaffolding tarpaulin & nets
We supply netting and scaffolding tarpaulins for all scaffolding systems and facades. Read more
Tarpaulin repairs
Repair of tarpaulin products in all regions. Read more
Collection flake for seed drill
For the collection of seeds and fertilizers. Emptying the seed drill is not difficult, but collecting fertilizer and seed without spills can be a challenge. Read more
Landing Net
With our landing net you can move living fish in a gentle and efficient way. As a farmer, you regularly need to measure or weigh the fish. For these types of operations, our landing net will be a very useful tool. It consists of the strongest canvas in the market and are designed to ensure […] Read more
Rugged Tablets
As a partner to Handheld, we offer complete field working solutions based on their rugged tablets. Extreme temperature range tolerance, tested with many of the military standards (MIL-STD) and at least IP65 rating, which means they are completely dustproof and can withstand jets of water. Read more