Clean inlet water is important for growth and welfare
in all aquaculture facilities.

Depending on the water sources available, FiiZK Aqua provide different solutions to customize the water quality for your specific need.

An FiiZK Aqua water treatment plant will prevent diseases and provide optimal growth conditions for your fish. This will lead to decreased risk and lower production costs.

A FiiZK Aqua plant prevents disease outbreaks, while ensuring optimal growth conditions for the fish. In summary, this means reduced risk and lower production costs and gives you as a manufacturer a reasonable insurance against disease outbreaks in the plant.

Water for Egg, Fry and Parr

Fresh Water Access

Many fresh water sources have a high content of humic acids and metals. We offer ultrafiltration solutions where a combination of membrane filtration and coagulation is used to achieve an excellent water quality.
This provides pure water which is well within the recommendations for drinking water.
Ultrafiltration will remove bacteria and viruses. The low amount of particles in
ultra-filtrated water will also ensure a maximum effect of UV treatment as a second biosecurity barrier.

Only Sea Water Access

Lack of fresh water sources does not have to be the limiting factor for the establishment of a land-based aquaculture facility. By customizing the membrane filtrations plants, salinity can be adjusted to fit the requirements of the customer. This includes the production of fresh water from sea water. An additional bonus is that we use desalination membranes that also reduces the amount of sulphate in the water, thus reducing the risk of H2S related mortalities.

Membrane filtered inlet water for roe

Water for smolt and Post-Smolt

Sea Water Access

It has become more common to keep smolt and post-smolt in land-based facilities. The water quality in these plants is of high importance, especially to get the correct salinity and to avoid H2S related mortalities.

Desalination plants from FiiZK Aqua can be applied to customise the salinity to the desired level, for instance 15 ppt. The desalination process also removes particles, bacteria, and viruses in the water, thus providing a high level of biosecurity. The sulphate concentration is reduced to about 1/1000 of what is common for sea water, therefore significantly reducing the risk of H2S formation.

Both Sea Water and Fresh Water Access

With access to both sea water and fresh water, the different water qualities are commonly mixed in order to give the appropriate salinity. In this case, the proper purification of the two water streams is of the utmost importance to prevent the release of reactive metal species.

Our membrane technology purifies inlet water by removing metals, particles, and pathogens to ensure optimal growth and welfare conditions.

Water for Grow-Out


When it comes to land-based aquaculture, the inlet water quality is crucial. We can provide membrane filtration plants that removes particles and pathogens from the inlet water to ensure optimal growth and welfare.

With the large biomass kept in modern aquaculture facilities, the economical consequence of a disease outbreak is large. A membrane filtration plant is a cheap insurance against the potential pathogens found in the inlet water.

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