PVC tarpaulin will always be our main product. In the winter, snow sailing is a cost-saving winner. We tailor PVC tarpaulins to contractors, power companies, shipping, offshore and a host of other industries. The main material is PVC tarpaulin, but we also import lightweight tarpaulins in many sizes. Roof-to-ceiling tarpaulins with chains are also available from FiiZK. 

Proximity to the industry is important. Our location in the middle of Norway means that we are only one day away from most places in Norway. A tarpaulin from us you can get in standard sizes with different qualities or in the form of a custom made tarpaulin. 

 Our PVC tarpaulins consist of a stable polyester fabric coated with PVC on both sides. The thread density and thread quality in the weave, as well as the amount of PVC, determine the quality and strength. All tarpaulins have reinforced edges with welded ropes and paints for each meter. The lightweight tarpaulins are made of polyethylene.

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