Repair of tarpaulins

The goal of FiiZK is to develop further expertise in the design, production and use of presets, and on the reduced file for repairs.

Due to the danger of infection, FiiZK will not repair products in today’s production facilities. We corporate with companies that offers tarpaulin repair services in all parts of the country of Norway. In this way, the service on the products can be performed locally, which will lead to shorter “downtime” and lower shipping costs. FiiZK has a cooperation agreement with AQS that provides specialized services to the aquaculture industry. Together we offer a package where the breeders can buy lice skirts including mounting. An agreement can also be signed on the service and maintenance of lice skirts.

For questions, and other inquiries
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Petter Haug Jenssen

Sales Manager Technical Tarpaulins

(+47) 951 59 944

Nicolas Santamarta

Sales Consultant Technical Tarpaulins

(+47) 915 41 665