Scaffolding tarpaulin & nets

Scaffolding covering 

Petex FR 320 (320g/ m2, 3.3 x 20 metres)
Petex FR 240 (240g/ m2, 3.2 x 30 metres)
Petex FR 180 (18g/ m2), 3.2 x 30 metres)  

Scaffolding nets  

Ranet FR 140 (140g/ m2, 3.1 x 50 metres)
Ranet FR 80 (80g/ m2, 3.1 x 50 metres) 

All our products are fire-classified and follow the demands according to Norwegian regulations  

NS 13501-1

Our scaffolding covers and nettings have been used throughout the country as a covering of buildings and other constructions, both during new constructions and renovations/ restorations.  

We are proud to have the country’s leading developers and entrepreneurs as customers.  

Bjørn Ole Hagen

Sales Manager Technical Tarpaulins Land

(+47) 413 73 665