We manufacture our snow sails in Norway. We know what it takes to make a snow-sail reusable, functional and resistant. 

The fabric is made out of strong PVC and with a braided core made of polyester. 

We can deliver snow sails throughout the winter, but if a larger project is planned, we recommend pre-ordering. 

For larger volumes, we give the market the best price for this quality and ensure that it is delivered as planned. 

After season, we of course accept snow sails for service to ensure reuse. 


Why choose the snow-sail tarpaulin from Fiizk? 


  • 900g / m2 forceful, high quality PVC 
  • 6 x 6 m, welded moisture- resistant tarpaulin 
  • High lifting capacity 
  • Good polyester lifting straps 
  • Possibility of agreement in terms of volume 
  • Service and repairs at Fiizk 
  • Can supplement all winter 
  • Efficient use of construction site 
  • Norwegian Produced 

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