Tarpaulin for use with bath treatment in all types of pens

Our experience is that the correct equipment for the actual biomass will provide optimal economic and environmental benefits and that the right volume is very important for efficient delousing treatments. We design and deliver tarps that ensures this.

FiiZK treatment tarps are made of polyamide fabric with a tensile strength of 3800 N/ 5cm. The weight of the fabric is 210 g/m². For most effective use the treatment tarp must be impermeable to the surrounding seawater and the use of coated polyamide fabric will guarantee the customer can rest assured that they have the best product on the market.


For delousing all types of pens

Customers have different requirements for design and strength. FiiZK tailors tarps based on the customer requirements.  


A delousing tarp made for the environment

Designed to reduce the circumference of the tarp for easy installation on the pen. Circumference is equal to the cage plus 3%. Even depth in the tarp gives the least burden for both fish and pen. 


For conical nets or volume reduction

Also known as “China Hat”. Circumference for a conical tarp is equal to the pen plus 6%. Suited for pens with conical nets or in situations where you want to limit the volume of water in the treatment. 


For steel pens

Made specifically for steel pens. We also produce these tarps shaped as muffin/drawer. It is the size of the pen and desired treatment volume that determines the size of the tarp.