FiiZK Integration

FiiZK Integrated Feeding Center,
has solved the challenge of creating
a fully integrated solution for all types
of equipment, suppliers and technology
used in feeding operations.

FiiZK Horizon Planner

A solution for biological planning for both fish and fish. FiiZK Horizon Planner uses the verified and reported biological statuses as a basis for biological forecasts. Consequently, there will be a consistent correlation between history and future, and the updated number of fish and biomass will automatically be reflected in existing forecasts.

FiiZK Horizon Optimizer

The FiiZK Horizon Optimizer provides a quantum leap compared to conventional planning methods. A module to optimize production given constraints such as MTB, size and number of smolt, capacities, food types, temperature, production cost etc.

FiiZK Horizon Report Studio

FiiZK Horizon Report Studio is a tool for presenting historical data, budget and rolling forecasts. For each period report, you will receive an updated forecast of costs and production cost per kg up to the end of the production cycle. Reports can be displayed in a locked structure or in a pivot view where fields and their location in rows and columns can be customized to your preferences.

FiiZK Horizon Management Tool

FiiZK Horizon Management Tool is a tool and a structured method for carrying out monthly reporting, allocation of costs and calculation of inventory values and withdrawal costs. Inventory value is calculated for project, product or level as desired, and invoices for import to accounts are generated.

FiiZK Horizon Budget

FiiZK Horizon Budget consists of budget and assumptions and is integrated with FiiZK Horizon Planner so that the latest biological forecasts are reflected in the budget as production-driven costs.

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