At FiiZK we combine our data analysis competence with broad insight in the data sources available to the aqua culture industry.  Further we understand the challenges facing the industry.  

This enables us to offer:  

  • compiled and structured data from a broad specter of sources (sensory, financial systems, biological system, etc.) in a multidimensional data cube allowing immediate presentation and calculation. 
  • pre-made standard reports in Power BI 
  • all data and key figures prepared in measures and tables enabling easy connection to Power BI or other BI systems. Allowing you to create your own reports or graphic presentations.  


This allows you to:  

  • drill up or down in your data material, filter, slice and view data over time 
  • gather data from a variety of sources and analyze it in order to improve your decision support 
  • view and compare history, plans, budgets and forecasts to reveal discrepancies and trends, thus gaining deeper and wider insight and understanding of your production. 

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