A complete solution to acquire and manage biological data in aquaculture production covering the complete lifecycle of the fish.

  • User friendly interface that runs on mobile devices
  • Cloud based with offline capability
  • Digitalization of work processes with autogenerated tasks and follow ups
  • Easily available data through Microsoft Analysis Services
  • Ready-to-go reports and dashboards in Microsoft Power BI
  • Integrated with feed suppliers, feeding systems, sensors and more


Data entry processes often require all information to be recorded in a single go, even if the data comes from multiple sources at different times. FiiZK Ctrl allows users to record what they do, observe and measure at the earliest opportunity. Offline capabilities, rugged devices and user interfaces designed for field operations are parts of the digitalization that FiiZK Ctrl will drive for production control.

Equally important is the availability of data in the cloud. Connect to FiiZK Analytics and wave goodbye to hard-to-get data in proprietary formats and unusable structures. Properly designed dimensions and measures in Microsoft Analysis Services comes ready to be used for reporting and information Exchange.




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